Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lucy wants to become a blogger.

Yesterday I was talking to Lucy. She is still a student a newbie internet enterpreneur. Lucy has always been very enthusiastic about the world wide web and latest tech developments. She wants to become a blogger and it is her plan to make some money from her blogging hobby. Blogging requires hosting service in order to host the blog somewhere. Typically that place is a web hosting server. Web hosting costs a lot of money and as she is still a student it is difficult for her pay a lot for her blogging needs. She asked me to tell her a solution. There are various services and companies that offer web hosting service. Hostgator is one of them. They are offering various type of hosting services to choose from. Baby plan is the best one for newbie webmasters.To save some money on hosting hostagator hosting regularly offers many hostgator coupon code which is very helpful in saving some money on web hosting costs. There are a few websites which keeps track of hostgator coupon codes on their site. One such website is I told lucy about that site so that she can find a coupon code for her hosting purchase. She took advantage of the offer.

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